Winter Wonderland

They are unique in nature, size & texture and easily transition from outside your window to inside your store.  We love the versatility of snowflakes and how they can add the perfect element of whimsy, an ode to the outdoors, or just the right setting for a winter wonderland.


Our K/D snowflakes have the usual perks of shipping and storing flat, and assembling with ease, but they can do so much more than that!  You can stack them until you build a perfect tabletop tree.  You can add them at the base of a a mannequin.  You can use them as a non-traditional tree ornament.  You can hang them from the ceiling.  You can cluster them into a spectacular snowflake avalanche.  You can use them in an upper bay or shelf area.  You can even mix them with elements you already have.  The options are virtually limitless.


Another fun fact- you can completely change the look by changing up the setting.  Want something a little more natural?  Try using a kraft paper backdrop.  Looking for something bold?  A chick black and white contrast could be just the ticket.  Need more color in your life?  A bright colored hue can add just the right amount of fun.  Want more of a subtle twist?  Try adding something that shimmers or is metallic.


These are the perfect addition for holiday or the winter months.  We can customize everything from the style and scale to the shape and material.  We would be thrilled to collaborate on a version that is as unique as  your brand.  Contact us!