Meet Our Team

We love working through ideas, finding solutions & building the best possible version of what you are looking for. 

Each member of our team has a unique skillset, and when combined, we can do anything!  

We are here to help you see the possibilities, imagine the impossible, inspire the great and make it all happen!


Joseph Hurwitz

President + CEO

Meet Joe, our CEO + President


Joe founded Ace back in 1990, and has been at the center of it all from the start.  He has grown the company over the last few decades and is truly the captain of our ship.  He has evolved the business into what it is today, bringing the best and brightest products to life in stores around the globe.
When out of office, he loves to spend time with his 2 boys, whether it be on a beach, boat or skiing, adventure always awaits!

Sheri Robertson

V.P. of Awesome!

Meet Sheri, our VP of Awesome!
Bringing awesomeness every day, Sheri is at the heart of all we do.  She is always keeping her eye on the newest materials and equipment, and ways to optimize our production.  Ace Designs is at the heart of who she is, and she brings her A game each day she walks in the door.
When not at work, Sheri is the queen of bourbon!  She has quite a collection + is always looking for the next best sip!

Matthew Schleig

Presenter of Possibilities!

Meet Matthew, our Presenter of Possibilities!
Whether in person, or on screen, Matthew loves to share our latest and greatest.  He is essential in managing projects and will walk you through each step of the way.  From the timeline and prototype to the production and shipping, he will help make the process a pleasant one.
When he isn’t working, he loves a ride on his Peloton or somewhere finding the best things to laugh about.

Melissa Fahs

manager of miracles!

Meet Melissa, our Manager of Miracles!
Her name speaks volumes, Melissa is on the inside getting projects worked out and worked on!  She is a ray of sunshine to everyone she meets and is determined to see your project through to the end.
When she isn’t working, she is the ultimate cheer mom to her 3 girls.

Molly Newbon

Supporter of Success!

Meet Molly, our Supporter of Success!
Not only does she help organize our production, she is also key in keeping things moving and 
organized.  All of our projects move a little smoother with Molly involved!
When not at work, she loves to be outdoors, especially if it involves fishing.  

Elizabeth Minieri

Manager of First Impressions!

Meet Elizabeth, our Manager of First Impressions!
Always a cheerleader, Elizabeth is on a mission to introduce Ace Designs to new prospects.  She is out visiting stores and matching new clients with our capabilities, trying to bring solutions to the masses!
When she is outside of work, you will find her on adventures with her hubby and 2 girls. 

Tracy Flynn Downing

Director of Inspiration!

Meet Tracy, our Director of Inspiration!
Bringing you the latest trends and product ideas, Tracy is the mind behind our social media channels + newest products.  With a background in both retail + design, her goal is to find solutions that work for your spaces.
When she is outside of work, she is out soaking up joy on the beach, her hometown or out on a bike ride.