It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is almost here!  In just a

few short months, your spaces will be transformed into Winter Wonderlands

& we would love to help you do it!

There are lots of ways to add a pop of cheer to any window, wall or tabletop.

With the addition of things like paper prints, static clings, and risers, you

can easily revamp your spaces and highlight your favorite products.  And

these happen to be the exact items we are featuring this month!

To celebrate “The Sweetest Gifts” we developed a pedestal with a changeable

wrap.  We added a graphic behind and underneath to create a cohesive

story.  Finally, to really make your product the star, we used a candy cane

heart cling to feature a top gift.

The best parts?

-The static cling is easily re-positionable, so it can be moved as you change out

products to make sure they are front & center.

-Replacing the wrap can give the pedestal a whole new life later in the

season to keep customers interested and stopping by

Are you ready to holiday?  

Contact us & let’s collaborate on something

fa la fabulous!