You may see a bunch of sunglasses, but to us, we see a world of possibilities!

When it comes to print, we have an array of techniques & substrates.

We thought this would be the perfect time to share some of our favorites with you.



Paper: For a classic, crisp + colorful image. There are lots of options for finishes

of paper to refine the look, like a photo satin, fine art paper, or our go to, a 200 gsm.



Specialty Vinyls: These can add different effects, like a perforated texture or

opalescent finish. Vinyls can be used on their own, applied directly to a wall,

table or surface, or they can be mounted to something to make them rigid.



Acrylics: Printing on acrylic is a great way to spice things up!

Since it’s transparent, you can print on either side, or both! When

printed on the face the ink is on the top surface, creating a contrast of

shiny + more matte. When printed on the reverse side, the ink is seen through the

surface, meaning the end result is glossy and the top is smooth. We love mixing

the print on both layers for a multi-dimensional look.



Engraving: For an added special effect, engraving on things like acrylic or pvc

can elevate a piece. This allows to create depth and extra interest, particularly when

it includes a print, too.



Do you see all the printabilities? Let’s collaborate!