The school year is coming to a close, but the Summer session is just

beginning.  We thought it would be the perfect time to give a crash course on

a classic store environment essential- dimensional letters!


They are one of our favorite basics that can impact the shopping experience

in a positive way.  They can add polish to a wall and bring an entire

department together.  They are also an excellent way to draw attention

to brands, sections & important areas.  


the ABC’S of dimensional letters:

materials: These can be made from all different rigid boards such as:

foam core,  gator board, ultra board, ecoboard, epvc + acrylic


finishes: There are so many options!  These can be just cut raw material,

printed with dusted edges, vinyl coated and more!


hanging: When it comes to attaching to the wall, these can be applied with

a strong VHB tape, velcro, pin mounts, or can be attached to a strip or backer

and then hung.  We can even supply a template for easy install!


longevity: depending on your needs we can suggest the best material and

hanging method to make these letters last!


contact us to spell out something special!  let’s collaborate!