One of our biggest sources of inspiration is product.  We are always looking for ways to enhance or draw attention to your latest &
greatest.  This month, that was the task at hand + we wanted to do something a little fun.  That is how our foxy friend came to be!


With big strong arms to envelop your products in a warm embrace, this fox is fierce!  We used some creative scoring to allow for a
custom fit- meaning you can change up what is being held.  Since Summer is just around the corner, we are featuring a beach

towel and tied the display together with a sweet blue background.


This concept can be customized in so many ways, from color + size to shape + style, there is a way to bring this idea to any space, 

for any season.


More reasons to love:
1- Ships flat
2- Can hang from ceiling or off a wall
3- Cuteness overload
4-Adds dimension
5- Makes your product the star!


Contact us & let’s collaborate on something to squeeze the day!