Spring Forward

Spring is in the air.  Or at least its going to be in the very near future!

Weʼve combined some of our favorite ideas to create these potted

paper plants. They are chic, colorful, and a cinch to assemble! Thatʼs

right, they ship flat and can be put together in store in just a few steps.

They couldnʼt be simpler to fabricate, just roll, tuck + secure and youʼve got

a fabulous bouquet with lots of display options. They can sit tabletop or

hang, or even better, do both to create a statement. We love clustering

multiplepieces in different colors and papers. Featured here, we used

3 different material weights so we could have some pieces that were more

structured and others that were more organic. The beauty of these is

that while they are uniform, each is unique in how the shapes fall.

These can be customized to different sizes and shapes. We added some

variety by mixing in multiple leaf styles and flowers. Think of all of the

ways youcould utilize these in your spaces! With a few tweaks,

these could easily transition from season to season.