Happy New Year!  With a new year comes exciting new opportunities
products and seasons.  We are already eyeing up what is trending for the
Spring + Summer months and wanted to share some of our favorites to
get the ideas flowing!

This years color palette is a little moodier and sophisticated featuring shades
of dusty blues and mauves.  Those hues are offset beautifully with bolder
colors like red, or even a deep apricot.  The transition into the warmer
months can be easy by incorporating shades like deep brown or other
neutrals that pair very well with these other tones.

Flowers are always a thing for Spring, but we love the idea of oversized and
exaggerated shapes as well as lots of volume.  Speaking of volume, bigger is
better!  We are seeing lots of cool textured shapes and familiar objects
like bows that are getting a makeover by increasing their scale.

Whatever you are feeling, we hope that we can collaborate together in 2024.
We are here to bring your visions to life and can’t wait to celebrate
the seasons with you!