The holidays are around the corner!  For some, the planning started months ago & for others, it’s still on the to do list.  Either way, we have the perfect solution to adorn your spaces- the snowflake!

We love them for so many reasons, they are familiar, each one is unique, and there are lots of memories about them to name a few.  But, what is really great is that they are a blank canvas.  You can mix & match designs, colors, materials & finishers to create something truly special for your space.

Whether you are looking for the perfect add on, or star of the show, the snowflake can fill either role.  They work great hanging, free standing, on tabletops, or even on windows and floors.

Here are some tips to make these work for you:

mix and match: combine colorful and neutral flakes to create interest and add texture

sparkle and shine: try using glitter or metallic materials to add some glam

budget friendly: white is classic and doesn’t require printing, which equals cost savings!

transition: take your holiday display further by moving these elements to new areas for the rest of the season.  Think a display in coats, with winter boots, or cold weather goods.

Let it snow & let’s collaborate all season long!