The seasons are changing + we are ready to start making waves!  With
the Spring nearly here, the sun & fun almost upon us.  We knew we
wanted to feature something this month to get you sunshine ready, and
we are happy to deliver this layered wave!

When it comes to printed props, there are so many varieties of materials
and techniques we can use to create something memorable.  In this
case, we wanted to utilize layers so that we could showcase a few
 options, but we can mix & match to your preferences and budget needs.

Here’s the scoop on our tabletop wave:

Front : Printed EPVC with chrome vinyl= subtle metallic shine

Middle: Printed clear acrylic, 2nd surface= a glossy, transparent
piece you can see through

Back: Printed foam core=affordable + a solid contrast

All 3 pieces are nestled into a base so they can stand freely, and the
pieces can ship + store flat.

This piece features some of our favorite printing capabilities, and the best
part is that these can translate to so many projects!

Ready to make some waves?  Let’s collaborate!