Let It Glow

It’s beginning to look a lot like….you know what! Time is ticking, but it hasn’t run out & there is still time to glow! We love the idea of lights for the holidays, but they have their challenges. That is what inspired us to create a version of our own! These faux light strands are the best of both worlds. They add the brightness you are craving without the worry (aka: bulb burnout). These also don’t require electricity, so they can be used in any space. With a little creative spark, we came up with a design that allows the “bulbs” & “wire” to ship separately, so they arrive safely and can be stored easily. What’s the secret? We utilized one of our favorite materials, neon edged acrylic to mimic the bright spot you are looking for. Simply slot the bulb cutouts into the wire form to make your very own light strand. The best part? No dealing with a tangled mess of wires… just a singular flat piece. Think of how great this would be in a window, over a table or even added to the back of a fixture. So many possibilities to make this yours, and we would love to help!