Snack on Art

For the Spring Market week, we took inspiration from a Pop-Up shop that was being featured in the Manex Showroom, Shop on Art.  We went literal with this one and decided to play off of the words and have some fun with food!  The space was divided in a few ways.  The first section was based on an art gallery.  We created art that used food as its muse, and showcased tons of different print and framing options.  The second section was full on, full food!  We printed lots of fun backdrops and funny faces adorned cut out fake outs of our favorite snacks.  Lastly, we added some festive hangers and risers to the actual shopping area.

In the window, we made a giant bag of chips, to tie the whole theme together.

We always like to experiment with different ideas, and this was a true exploration of having fun with art and not taking it too seriously.