In Rare (Vac)Form

We are so THRILLED about our latest capability, it is truly a game changer!

Vacuum Forming allows us to add even more dimension to your ideas.  We are able

to transform things like letters for example from flat to fabulous.

Think of how many new doors this opens when it comes to your designs.

The best part?  This process is workable for just about everyone!

Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

-There is NO minimum.  Whether you are looking for 5, 50, or 500 pieces, we can make it happen,

you just need to cover the cost of the mold.

-Speaking of molds, these are made in-house, and relatively quickly.  This means that sampling

takes weeks instead of months.

-This method works well for both small and LARGE formats.

-We can customize to whatever color fits your needs.

And a little something you make not know:

While this technique does utilize plastics and ink, we want to reassure you that we keep the

environmental impact in mind.  The ink and many materials that we use are both composed

of recycled goods as well as recyclable.  Any waste that is generated from production is

either recycled or repurposed.

Let’s collaborate and add an element of surprise to your next project!