Happy Holidays! It may seem a little early, but once the calendar flips to July, we are instantly

in the mood for something JOLLY!

This is the perfect time of year to start brainstorming about what will be featured in your spaces

once itʼs merry season! You may have noticed that over the last few months, we have been

repurposing these neon risers. We knew we wanted to utilize them in our holiday display, and

celebrate one of our favorite things to do- GIVE!

When we last saw this green riser, it was the base of a crayon. With a few small changes, we

revamped this Back to School display into a Holiday one! We switched out the stripe vinyl for a

mitten one, changed up the topper to a bow, and replaced the backdrop to something joyful! A

few simple changes created something new and inviting.

This concept of reusing is one that we just love. This is a great way to extend your budget, reduce

your amount of waste, and minimize the amount of installation time.

Lighting up with any ideas? Contact us & letʼs collaborate!