What Can We Build to Protect You

Like so many others, Covid-19 turned our world upside down. We had been producing graphics and visual merchandising solutions for 30 years and growth in 2020 was already under way. Then an unprecedented event happened, the state of Pennsylvania mandated a stay-at-home order that closed our customers doors and then our own. It was a blow that we did not expect. But as a print shop, we were ultimately deemed essential¬Ě and allowed to reopen our doors, but with no customers to receive products. For a lot of others, this may have stopped them. But not us! Ever persistent and determined! As a custom manufacturer, we are used to having to pivot quickly. We saw a huge need in the community for help with PPE. We took our capabilities in design & engineering and paired it with our manufacturing to create options to help protect those who need it most! We began manufacturing and DONATING face shields to local hospitals, nursing homes and all kinds of frontline workers. The response and gratitude for this is overwhelming. We were told by many that our shields were better quality than the ones they normally would have purchased. We continue to produce and donate to frontline workers but we also see an opportunity to sell these items to help bring back our staff of over 100 employees currently furloughed or laid off. We want to help everyone we can at this time. We hope that you will help us.

Be Well! Do Good! Stay Safe!