You know what we love more than one amazing display? Two amazing displays! We are constantly tasked with finding solutions that are eco friendly, and this is one of our favorite tricks.

These merry little trees are a great addition for the holidays, & can be transitioned into something completely new. With a simple flip and some monofilament, this festive forest transforms into a sea of hanging hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

With different sizes and colors, we were able to create something interesting for both seasons. We used a fun color palette with a non-traditional twist & changed up the backgrounds for an added layer of newness.

Not only can you repurpose these pieces for 2 different occasions, you can also store for use down the road. They ship flat too, which helps out with those shipping costs!

Think of all the ways this concept could be utilized as we move into 2023. Let’s collaborate on a version that is twice as nice for your space!