“……..I must say it is nice to have ACE DESIGNS….at the other end of my I phone……with last minute projects…..images….creative sparks…..and on going conversation….always pushing buttons for the best results…..and racing the clock for the next window presentation….with focused results…and a touch of MAGIC!!!!!!!!”

Tom Beebe, W Diamond Group, Creative Director

“They are always up for anything, and that’s really important. We don’t necessarily look like typical retailers, so we look for someone who understands our aesthetic well and easily adapts to our last-minute changes. Ace is quick and super easy to work with. They have never said not to any of the crazy things I’ve sent their way or made me change an idea.”

Pete Trentacoste, Alexis Bittar, Director of Global Visual Merchandising

“We needed to roll out frames to the entire chain in eight weeks. Not only did Ace jump right in on the project, starting production with limited direction, but Sheri and her team helped solve our logistics requirements for the project. They found ways for Ann to save money by consolidating with other suppliers. Ace completed the rollout on time and within budget. The project management team at Ace, headed up by Sheri Roberston, is first class.”

Scott Gould, Ann Inc., Senior Procurement Manager

“ACE Designs is an easy choice for creative Visual projects! Their talented sales team and artists bring our ideas to life!”

Nancy Kochan, Brooks Brothers, Project Sourcing and Design Manager, Visual

“We shipped a few units of a project to wrong locations – totally our fault. They worked to unravel our mistake and get them to the right locations. Ace saved the day. They rock.”

Paul Hardy, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, Senior Director of Retail Development

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