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Paper Potted Plants

Spring is in the air!

Or at least it will be in a few short weeks.

We have always got our eye on creating things that are impactful, easy to install & customizable, and these potted paper plants are no different.  They are chic, colorful and a cinch to assemble!  We developed these with flat shipping in mind, to make them more cost effective + ensure safe delivery.  The fabrication is a breeze- just roll, tuck, secure + style.  These pieces are versatile and work sitting tabletop or hanging from the ceiling, you can even combine both options like we are featuring here.  We chose several different colors & material weights to get a mix of structured and organic shapes.  The beauty of these is that while each one is uniform, no two are exactly alike once assembled.  Think of all of the ways these could be utilized in your spaces!  With a few tweaks, these could easily transition from season to season.

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your space? It’s here!  We look forward to creating a version just for you.  Contact us!

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What Can We Build For You? Contact Us